Zinc for Strengthening Immune System

zincThe immune system is the main barrier which has the body to defend against external infections. However, this complex process of mucosal antibodies and white blood cells can be weakened by the lack of rest, inactivity, stress and poor nutrition.

It is, therefore, essential that the diet includes all the nutrients needed to enjoy a healthy life. These include zinc, something apparently unknown to about a quarter of the world’s population, which is lacking in this mineral.

While zinc is found in a wide variety of foods, according to Dr. Daniel De Girolami, nutritionist and a member of the Nutrition Division of the Hospital de Clinicas Jose de San Martin in Argentina, “their highest concentrations occur in those of animal origin: beef, pork, of birds, fish and shellfish. ”

According to the specialist, zinc is also, though to a lesser extent, in eggs and dairy. “In addition, the zinc content is relatively high in nuts, seeds, legumes and unrefined cereals and low in tubers, refined cereals, fruits and vegetables,” Girolami said.

Effects of zinc deficiency:


Immune deficiencies

Hiposomia and hypogeusia (identifiable mainly by the decrease in the mood)

Tendency to chronic diarrhea

Delayed maturation (growth evident in both physical and intellectual development).

How to consume the zinc necessary?

Includes combinations of these foods in your daily diet.

200 ml milk, 80 g of cheese and 250 g of chicken.

250 g of meat, 100 g of cheese and an egg.

One-half cup toasted wheat germ and 250 g of fish.

A serving of fortified breakfast cereal, 200 ml of milk and 250 g bird.