Want to live long? Focus on your fitness

fitnessRather than having an ideal weight or being thin, having a good physical condition seems to be the key to living longer. Many people worry about losing weight and do not a healthy way. But those who focus more on improving your fitness regardless of the numbers on the scale, manage, according to a new study, to avoid dying from conditions such as cardiac complications. Read on to find out and get in shape!

Natalia does not forget the day her trainer told her it did not matter so much to be thin, how to be strong. According to him, many girls are thin and unable to sustain the weight of her body while making a push (push ups), for example. Natalia However, despite battling a bit about losing a few pounds/kilos that she believes that she can spare, has an extraordinary resistance when she need to do a full hour of intense exercise.

According to a recent study, Natalia is more likely to live longer because of their physical fitness, someone who is skinny but not fit. The study, published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, came to this conclusion after analyzing 14,000 men who maintained or improved their fitness and whose chances of dying from any cause, especially heart disease, was much lower. This proved true even when these men did not lose weight or even gained weight compared with men whose physical condition declined over time.

According to the authors of the study, doctors who specialize in exercise of the University of South Carolina, is difficult to lose weight and keep it. However, “this study suggests that increasing physical endurance is somewhat easier to achieve better health dividends.” So instead of worrying all the time by the numbers on the scale, focus your efforts to achieve better fitness.

How can you do? Exercising. But do not be fooled! This is not a walk every day, at the same pace, or ride a bike the same distance forever. While this helps you in shape, you should try to demand more from your body, take it to a higher point of resistance. That is, if you normally run 30 minutes, next time add 10 minutes and, little by little. Apply this principle to any physical activity you perform. That way, your body will go further and your fitness is getting better.

I advise you visit your doctor for an assessment on your fitness. Some coaches also make this event special. With a few simple exercises can measure at what level of resistance is your body. So go ahead to move and so you’ll give your body a few years of life.
And remember, being thin is not synonymous with fitness.