Which One Is Better Treat Or Prevent

Treat Or Prevent
“The costs of care for this disease (diabetes), not established timely interventions could bankrupt the health system of the country the next decade.”

financial-crisisSe for Mexico but I think it is a situation that is affecting most countries and cities around the world, specifically the “developed” world. It seems incredible, but the more money government spends on treating a disease, more cases of this disease (like diabetes) appear. According to the news I read, “In the last three years have invested about 17 billion pesos in the construction and equipping of 800 medical units of different sizes.”

The relationship should be reversed, do not you think? The more you spend on treating an illness, fewer cases of the disease. Not so.
In my humble opinion the problem is that they are spending all that money just to “treat” disease, not prevent or cure them. Treating a disease means that you develop a system to keep the disease at the same point, ie neither improve nor worsen. And this is how the pharmaceutical industry earns billions of dollars, euros or the currency that is, keeping the disease.

Another rooster sing if they were the patients themselves, the people who decide where to spend public money (the money we all paying).

But anyway, they say every cloud has a silver lining, so you might “need” to occur to bankrupt the health system there is a change in the way of treating the health of citizens