Healthy Diet

Healthy DietAs we saw earlier, constipation is a disorder sufferers experience a great many people, no matter your age or sex. However, there are some eating tips that anyone can put into practice to fight mainly in a natural and simple.

To be able to implement this diet to combat constipation have to have a sound health, drinking as much water as possible every day, flavored teas with honey, make any type of physical activity and minimally flavor and healthy all your meals.

Example of daily menu:

Breakfast: 2 cups of green tea or mate, yogurt and citrus fibers.

Mid-morning: 1 cup of broth with 1 tablespoon of bran.

Lunch: chicken, scrambled eggs with spinach and broccoli and fruit salad.

Mid-afternoon: yogurt or dessert with 1 tablespoon quinoa.

Snack: 2 cups of herbal tea, kiwis and graham crackers.

Dinner: spinach and onion fritters, mashed pumpkin or squash with 1 tablespoon of flax seed and fruit salad.

Before bed: 2 cups of chamomile tea and Boldo.

Crop 7 Simple Tips Weight Loss

healthy DietDizzy with endless weight off after they were excited to exercise and diet desperately? Try a simple way to lose weight is.

1. Enjoy every bite
Put a spoon and fork while feeling the sensation of chewing and taste of food. Do not rush because it does not give the brain time to recognize at least a full stomach. Take your time, you will feel more satisfied and relieve digestive work.

2. No need big breakfast
The more servings, the greater the desire to eat. Breakfast was sufficient and snacks followed at 10:00. It’s better to eat 5 smaller meals a day instead of three times a day, but in large portions.

3. Do not abstinence favorite foods
Stay favorite meal, but few so you do not have to feel guilty. This also would end the sense of wonder because these foods ripened.

4. Choose a healthy snack
When the desire to eat comes with a very, very, choose healthy foods such as fruit juice, yogurt, fruit, or fresh fruit pieces. In addition to healthier, smaller meals are also more comfortable and faster to make a full stomach.

5. Use a small plate
Small plates will lead you to take some food. The less food, the less desire to eat because the stomach will shrink and fast enough.

6. Cut small
Eat pieces one by one. Put a spoon and fork as a new chew and take it with a spoon when it is swallowed. Do not take food if it has not finished chewing and ready to cut the next meal. This will train you to eat slowly.

7. Throw hungry in 20 minutes
The brain takes 20 minutes to receive the hunger signal. Take half the usual portion of your meal. Dining slowly for more than 20 minutes. You will quickly feel full. This is the same as when you eat, no phone. On returning to the table, have lost your appetite.