Tips When You’re At Home

homeSpend 10 minutes every morning, made some simple stretches, this is especially important if you have a sedentary job and tend to go from the bed to sit in his car, then sitting at your desk all day.

Take a few minutes each day to focus on his position, for example, when making a cup of tea or brushing teeth. Whenever you do these activities, mentally ordered the spine, shoulders rising and stretching the abdominal area.

Avoid chairs, sofas and low seat because they can be a comfortable option, but as you sink your knees are raised more in relation to the spine pressing on her hips and making the spine to bend.

Take a moment to lie on the floor without pillows or support, do this at least once a day and allow you to edit the column led her into the order, a change that will immediately notice.

The Cough Syrups


soothe coughs and soften the mucus and also have sedative properties of bronchial spasms, are effective as dry cough or cough with expectoration, in both cases will improve the conditions of the sufferer, especially in crisis bronchial asthma or processes.

There are different syrups useful and easy to prepare:

– Syrup of red onion and lemon

-It Takes Two large red onions and cut into thin rings, add 5 tablespoons dark brown sugar and put over low heat, to extract all the juice from the onion juice is obtained dark subsequently seep and add the juice of two lemons. keep it in the refrigerator and take 4.5 tablespoons per day or in cases of very persistent cough. red onion cough syrup

– Lemon juice and honey is squeezed a lemon and add a tablespoon of honey, the mixture is quenched, so stay tuned liquid and is taken every morning fasting. – Syrup of figs cook for 5 figs in a glass of milk over medium heat until mixture thickens. Take 4-5 tablespoons a day.

– Apple juice and lemon juice 2 apples with some lemon juice natural and add 1-2 tablespoons of honey, the cough bout accumulations of mucus in the bronchi.

Also eucalyptus vapors of 50-60 gr. / Liter of water, covering her head with a cloth and inhale its fumes are beneficial for coughs, besides being expectorants. The baked potato poultices on the chest and applied to the chest are useful in cases of bronchitis and persistent cough. Also during the processes of dry cough and bronchitis, should be to drink plenty of fruit juices and vegetables and plenty of water, which help to soften the secretions and clear the respiratory system.


Practice Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to address this event being aware of his body, his actions and thoughts, to live more harmoniously with the ability to adapt to changes without fear.

Pregnancy is a time of symbiosis, which leads almost naturally to return to himself, listening to the inner phenomena, and will offer the best to build the little life that is taking place …
It is also a process of transformation that tells the letting go and acceptance.
More than just coaching, yoga is a tool to awaken in every woman’s desire to reclaim this unique adventure in joy, strength and confidence.

When the mother responds systematically about how fear, she retreats into a protective instinct that releases adrenaline and inhibits the growth of the baby. Instead, within a climate of love, trust and openness maximizes the child development through production of natural endorphins.

The techniques and their benefits.

The techniques used will aim to relieve and strengthen the physical structures, energy, mental and emotional. They offer practical tools that cover and nourish all aspects of personality.
Breathing techniques balance, harmonize, soothe, and are a tool to manage pain and relax.
The relaxation technique used to install positive and constructive images, which nourish the inner being and mental structures.
The postures adapted to allow the pregnancy to relieve tension, stretch and massage the body, and support the spine, open the chest and pelvis, muscles and relax the pelvic plate.
The goal of yoga for pregnant women is to enable better support of the child, and give women the right experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Breakfast And Ideal Weight

stress and haste that many of us do not eat breakfast just able to get up or not eating anything and leave it for later. A big mistake, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be done first thing in the morning. Upon awakening, your body needs energy to begin to work and perform daily tasks. After eight hours without eating or food or drink, it is necessary that feed it properly. Hence the need for a breakfast that also energized help us control our weight.

There are many studies in various sectors of the population show that individuals who skip breakfast have a higher body mass. And that our body needs nutrients the early hours of the day, because the metabolism starts to work once we got up. If we offer this food will turn and run more quickly, so caloric expenditure is also higher. But you have breakfast with his head. Yes it is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we should not stuff yourself of bakery products. Instead, you should eat cereals, preferably integrated with a high fiber content which will help to eliminate toxins and give us the energy we need to contain slow carbohydrate absorption. We can also accompany it with milk and fruit.

It is very important that our body is activated and start working as soon as possible because this way your wear will be greater throughout the day and ate food that was treated before and therefore our body mass do not increase greatly and we will get to be with more easily in our ideal weight.


Acupuncture Reduce Menstrual Pain

acupunctureWe know that the menstrual period often accompanied by a variety of complaints, especially menstrual pain. According to a study of 27 studies, the researchers stated that acupuncture is effective to overcome menstrual pain complaints.

The researchers noted that there is convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective to overcome stomach cramps due to menstrual symptoms. In addition to more effective, acupuncture was also considered to have fewer side effects than drugs.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a collection of symptoms, either physical or emotional, experienced by women before menstruation. A common symptom experienced is a joint or muscle pain, abdominal cramps, dizziness, fatigue, to more sensitive or easily upset.

In general, doctors will give painkillers, although some studies indicate long-term side effects on the use of these drugs.

In research done by experts, reviewed 27 studies involving 3000 women. These women perform an alternative method to reduce the symptoms of PMS, including acupuncture.

Acupuncture method basically aims to restore the balance of yin and yang. Technically, the therapist will put a needle into the points on the body, including the “energy lines”.

According to the analysis of the research team, patients who suffer from menstrual pain complaints claiming they were much less pain after acupuncture compared to taking pharmaceutical drugs.

However, the researchers emphasize that there are deficiencies in the methodology of this study, therefore, can not be used as scientific evidence. But in general, they are considered a promising evidence of acupuncture methods.

5 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

This article was written to reach the community with a clear and simple method to demonstrate and to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

With increased understanding of our bodies that we get from science over recent decades, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle become clearer, along with reasons why we have to detoxify the body least once a year to remove harmful bacteria and even worms, from the digestive system of us. For people of all ages, weights, and the ability to benefit from a healthy lifestyle is not limited. But now let’s look at eight simple benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Health:

Good Health is not something you buy from the drugstore or department store but can be achieved by practicing collective behavior patterns related to health, based on choices made from the available options. Following this logic, if you want to realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you must repeat some patterns of sound as part of daily or weekly activities, some patterns such as eating right and exercising.

2. Weight:

Managing your weight is key to achieving all the health benefits of Healthy Lifestyles. Only 10 percent weight loss significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and other diseases associated with obesity.

3. Exercise:

Although drugs alone can often bring cholesterol to normal levels, diet and exercise provide benefits that drugs do not. They will lower blood pressure, lose weight, and reduce the risk of diabetes. A lifestyle is a risk factor for malignancy

4. Medical:

We all want to have a slim and healthy body for a variety of aesthetic, social and medical reasons. healthy living truly the best medicine. In a study conducted by Tufts University in the New England Medical Center, among patients with heart disease, the exercise program was found to significantly reduce LDL cholesterol and other risk factors beyond what is provided by drug therapy. Even modest weight loss can help reduce medical and pharmacy costs, help avoid bariatric surgery, and co-morbidities such as asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.

5. Wellness:

Wellness is about being comfortable in your space: your body, your attitude, and your environment. A very healthy lifestyle can increase the longevity of a person. And although catch something contagious like a cold or flu is sometimes unavoidable, having a sound sense of wisdom better way to live you should be asking yourself why you do not take action to live each day the excess as possible.

25 Tips to Quit Smoking

Stop smoking nowExercise. Playing sports is highly recommended if you decide to quit smoking.

1. Choose a good time to quit. One day you do not have much stress or complicated things. It may be near a holiday.

2. Delayed the time of first cigarette an hour each day.

3. Analyze before you start what cigarettes are more important and why.

4. If you smoke at home is going to limit consumption sites by enabling non-smoking areas.

5. Try to leave gradually increasing time delaying each cigarette, and eliminating several.

6. Avoid circumstances that can cause you the desire to smoke.

7. Wash curtains, sheets, clothes and upholstery of the car to say goodbye snuff environment.

8. Try to exercise every day. For example, a ten-minute walk.

9. The worst part is in the first three days from 5 days the urge to smoke is less intense and more easily overcome.

10. Put posters with the message “No Smoking” at work, at your desk, at home …

11. Do not buy snuff and you have thrown away. 12. Throw out all the ashtrays, lighters and matches.

13. Try to use the time of the cigarette in another activity to keep you busy and distracting.

14. Well ventilated rooms.

15. Avoid stimulants such as coffee drinks, tea or alcohol.

16. If the urge to smoke occurs is very deep breath, relax, drink or chew gum.

17. Take light meals, giving priority to fruit and vegetables in large quantities, which also facilitate the withdrawal will bring you vitamins C and B.

20. You have family or friends to support you in your goal. Comment all you’re going to quit.

21. Remember that all initial discomfort is only temporary.

22. Make a list of your most important reasons for quitting and bring it along for review.

23. Give yourself a small reward for each day’s goals accomplished (a good movie, a book …).

24. Keep rigid habits regarding food.

25. Sleep 8 hours. The rest will help.