Want to live long? Focus on your fitness

fitnessRather than having an ideal weight or being thin, having a good physical condition seems to be the key to living longer. Many people worry about losing weight and do not a healthy way. But those who focus more on improving your fitness regardless of the numbers on the scale, manage, according to a new study, to avoid dying from conditions such as cardiac complications. Read on to find out and get in shape!

Natalia does not forget the day her trainer told her it did not matter so much to be thin, how to be strong. According to him, many girls are thin and unable to sustain the weight of her body while making a push (push ups), for example. Natalia However, despite battling a bit about losing a few pounds/kilos that she believes that she can spare, has an extraordinary resistance when she need to do a full hour of intense exercise.

According to a recent study, Natalia is more likely to live longer because of their physical fitness, someone who is skinny but not fit. The study, published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, came to this conclusion after analyzing 14,000 men who maintained or improved their fitness and whose chances of dying from any cause, especially heart disease, was much lower. This proved true even when these men did not lose weight or even gained weight compared with men whose physical condition declined over time.

According to the authors of the study, doctors who specialize in exercise of the University of South Carolina, is difficult to lose weight and keep it. However, “this study suggests that increasing physical endurance is somewhat easier to achieve better health dividends.” So instead of worrying all the time by the numbers on the scale, focus your efforts to achieve better fitness.

How can you do? Exercising. But do not be fooled! This is not a walk every day, at the same pace, or ride a bike the same distance forever. While this helps you in shape, you should try to demand more from your body, take it to a higher point of resistance. That is, if you normally run 30 minutes, next time add 10 minutes and, little by little. Apply this principle to any physical activity you perform. That way, your body will go further and your fitness is getting better.

I advise you visit your doctor for an assessment on your fitness. Some coaches also make this event special. With a few simple exercises can measure at what level of resistance is your body. So go ahead to move and so you’ll give your body a few years of life.
And remember, being thin is not synonymous with fitness.

When to Start Exercise with Weights

Ideally, as in the case of Maritza, would be to take advantage of specialized machines, a gym and the supervision of an expert coach, especially at first. But do not think you have to invest a fortune in membership or team. You can also do these exercises at home, with the help of free weights of different weights (you can substitute vegetable cans, bags of rice or water bottles), and bands or rubber bands that are purchased in stores where they sell the sporting goods. A book or a DVD can enlighten the basic exercises and you can make in the privacy of your own home, in front of your TV. The DVD has the advantage that comes with music and the coach encourages you to continue and not give up easily.

Feel like? Keep in mind the following:

– Before you start, get a physical exam. Ask your doctor what level of exercise is best for you.
Sets goals. If you want to build muscle, use more weight and perform fewer repetitions. If you are interested in increasing your endurance, use lighter weights, but do more repetitions. Try to schedule at least two weight sessions a week. Women should not fear being unfeminine or very muscular, because everything depends on the level of training (the amount of weight and number of repetitions). Also, if you combine this type of aerobic exercise with stretching and the result is a body better defined and better muscle tone, no more bulky.

– Start with a good warm-up session from 5 to 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic exercise (walking on the site, or on the mat, or stationary bike). The muscles are well conditioned and flexible for better weight training.

– Start with little resistance or low weight and gradually auméntalos. The most important thing is to learn the proper technique for each exercise and this is best accomplished with little weight at first. And also prevents unnecessary injuries.

– Once you’ve established a heating system, you know the exercises and proper technique, increases the weight and strength, so that the muscles feel tired (or “burn”) after 8 to 12 repetitions. You should not feel pain, but muscle fatigue. That’s the way to strengthen them: submission to a higher voltage.
It starts working the large muscle groups (legs, chest, or back). This prevents tire the smaller muscles that can help you later with other exercises.

– If you are using machines, learn to use them safely and correctly set the weights to avoid injury.
Keep your knees and elbows slightly bent, even during the extensions.

– Do not hold your breath. The muscles are working hard and need all the oxygen you can provide. Exhale during the period of exertion and inhale when returning to starting position.

– Remember to keep good technique and form for maximum benefit and avoid injury. When you can not keep the way from exhaustion, it’s time to stop the session or try another different exercise.
Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the workout.

– Train your upper body one day (arms, back) and one day he works the thighs and legs. Leave a period of 48 hours between sessions and one for the muscles to recover. After the first session, expect to feel slightly sore muscles. This is normal, but you should not feel a sharp pain.

– If you have a medical problem or a previous injury, you may need to completely avoid some exercise or perform a modified version. In this case, it is essential to work with an instructor.

– Finish each workout with a session of stretching to tone the muscles and make them more flexible.

– Stop exercising immediately if you feel cramps or pain in the joints, feet or legs. Seeking medical attention if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, if you feel dizzy (a), nausea, cold sweat or if you lose consciousness.

Rome was not built in a day, so do not try to do everything at once. Keep in mind that strengthening muscles and increasing your resistance will develop over time. If you are consistent in your workouts and you increase the weight slowly, you will see how to improve your ability to perform your daily tasks, from moving furniture to load up the shopping bags will reduce your muscle aches and fatigue to your end of the day, it is agitated.

Aim to start today and you tell me the result!

Visit The Gyms Bristol Can Offer Before Running A Half Marathon

Sunday saw Bristol’s streets being pounded by runners taking part in the city’s half marathon. But how much preparation needs to be done before you tackle a 13.2 mile slog?

In theory anyone can tackle a half marathon – be you an elite runner or a novice, but it’s nice if you can get around the course comfortably, and here are some tips on how to do that.

  1. Schedule your week so you have varied training days – a long run on a Sunday, some speedwork and hill work all incorporated on other days.
  2. Try and get out for a run at least three days a week. You’ll need to incorporate a minimum of one or two rest days to let your body recover.
  3. Gradually increase your intensity of training over a 12-week time frame. Gradually increasing your mileage – with your long Sunday run hitting a minimum of 12 miles before race day will help you sharpen up.
  4. Pick a couple of hills – one sharp and steep, and one long and steady, and then run them one after the other at a consistent pace. Do this three times. Once slowly, twice at an average speed. When you find this comfortable start to add a fast pace into this training.
  5. Practice your pacing. Try a couple of 10K races to gauge your average speed over this distance. You’ll want to start off a bit slower for a half marathon to get you comfortably around the distance.
  6. Take on enough fluids. You can probably do a 10K without needing a drink of water or energy supplements, but for a half marathon you’ll need fuel. Practice running with the drink or gels of your choice before race day.
  7. Hit the gym to balance your training. Going to the gyms Bristol has on offer can help you work on your core stability, which will help you increase your speed and endurance.
  8. Taper. You need to ease off in the weeks before race day. This will give your body a chance to recover from all the hard work you’ve put in, meaning you’ll be raring to go on the day of the race.

You can visit any of the gyms Bristol has to offer on a pay as you go basis and you can find more information on how to do this by visiting www.payasugym.com

Hip Hop Abs Dancing Burns Calories and Tones Up Your Core

All over this planet, dancing is a common human expression. Many people love to dance but don’t know any special moves that help them to express themselves. Everyone needs a guide and Hip Hop Abs adds a direction on what you can add to your own dancing repertoire.

Dancing is a workout because you are moving around and burning energy. In the shortest amount of time, you can get a good workout by following Shaun T. in his workout DVD’s. When starting the first half-hour of basic cardio in the Hip-Hop Ab’s program, you may be surprised how exhausted moving around that much will do to you. Especially, if you’re not used to that kind of thing.

Expect to wake up the morning with your ab’s and thighs burning. If you’re into the clubbing scene, there is nothing like showcasing a new move without breaking a sweat. If you have a workout routine needing some spice from all the other boring videos out there, Hip-Hop Ab’s adds a dose of fun to the mix. At the very least, you will be giving your body all that you need to keep that blood pumping in a healthy direction. Even if your young munchkins are ready to bust a move, give Hip-Hop Ab’s a shot. It’s fun for everyone!

In addition to being a completely fun workout routine, hip hop abs is actually one that delivers results. Because it’s a cardio workout, you’re in your anaerobic zone and therefore contributing to cardiovascular health as well as at the exact same time you are chiseling your entire core with your abs primarily being focused on. Hip Hop Abs is a muti-purpose program that achieves multiple goals with only on task. If you could even call dancing to great music a “task.”

Good Reasons to Exercise with Weights

Reasons to ExerciseAerobics, yoga, Pilates … any type of exercise you choose and you do will bring immense benefits to your health. But there is one that serves as a perfect complement to any fitness routine and, in particular, resistance exercise or weight training. Besides burning calories, you will tone and definition to your muscles and strengthen your bones. Maybe you can test?

Although there is no doubt that aerobic exercise is good for heart health, to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, are only part of the overall equation. A balanced exercise program requires as an essential part, incorporate resistance exercises or weight training. And at any age! Here’s why:

– Weight training strengthens muscles. Although exercises like yoga using your own body weight to strengthen the muscles, the body adapts and comes a time of diminishing returns. With weights, you can gradually keep increasing the load and also you can focus on specific muscles or areas (shoulders or biceps, for example).

– Weight bearing exercise stimulates the metabolism. This can burn calories faster because it increases muscle mass, which uses much more energy than fat tissue.

– By increasing muscle strength, prevent aches and pains, especially in the back and avoiding joint injuries when performing daily tasks (such as lifting).

– Resistance exercises help increase bone density: the muscles contract, they shorten and pull the bones (the pull), which stimulates growth. This is particularly important for women who can lose up to 20% of their bone density during menopause. The firm and strong bones also translate into fewer injuries and fractures, for both sexes, not just for women!

– Do resistance training to burn more calories, even 3 to 6 hours after training. People who are dieting to lose weight should include in your diet because losing pounds or kilos, up to a quarter of the weight lost comes from the muscles and that can cause a slower metabolism. Resistance exercises help repair muscle tissue and prevent loss.

– The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) lists several studies that show that this type of exercise improves balance, reduces arthritis pain, improves blood sugar control, and improves sleep and the state of encouragement.

Fitness Instructor Apprenticeship Opportunities to Consider

One of the fastest ways to break into the fitness industry is through a fitness instructor apprenticeship. If you have no previous experience, but are interested in becoming a trainer, then you will certainly wish to consider this unique opportunity to receive hands-on learning.

Teaching others how to become physically fit may entail more than you realize. In addition to knowing what it takes to transform the human body, you will also need to learn how to motivate those who are trusting you to help them. Some of the knowledge that you will need can come from completing coursework, while the rest can come from real life experiences.

There is no denying that jobs within the fitness industry can pay well, and can be very rewarding. They can also be challenging, and those who are up to the challenge may find that they absolutely love working with others in order to help them be the person that they wish to be.

A fitness instructor apprenticeship will provide you with an upfront look at what it will be like to make this your career. You may find that this your calling, or may decide that you are better suited to do something else. No matter what you decide, you will be better for having learned first hand what it is like to work in this industry.

Establishing an exercise routine without abandoning the attempt

Establishing exercise routineAlready aware of the benefits of physical exercise, not only helps you keep fit but also to lower blood pressure, LDL “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthen bones, lose weight or maintain a healthy weight , to reduce the risk of cancer, to help fight depression and relieve stress and even, some claim that it improves sexual activity.

So why postpone our routine physical activities if they can provide so many benefits? One of the main things to consider when choosing what exercise is to think you will realize your tastes and your possibilities. First of all, think of something that you enjoy. What do you strive to do something that really bores you?, Better choose something that motivates you and you be entertaining.

Once you have decided what is your favorite activity, it is important to consider the real and concrete possibilities of realizing them. Can you love to ski but if you live several hours away from the mountain, can be difficult to perform regularly.

Moreover, work, family and everyday tasks often difficult to establish an appropriate routine. If you’re too busy, why propose to play tennis twice a week if you can not go more than one or worse, only a few times a month?

Plan an exercise routine that is available to your chances and try to keep. If time is inconvenient for you, do not impose exercise an hour or two at a time, you can exercise for short periods even without going to the gym.

For example, you can go jogging or walking just half an hour, two or three times a week, at some point you know you’ll be free. Defines the days and try to meet them. It may cost you initially start but gradually begin to feel the benefits in your body and then probably will not want to stop exercising. Moreover, consider doing a lunch at work a couple days a week.

If you are someone who need momentum and tend to yield to the chair in front of the TV or computer (computer), maybe a good option is to look for friends or colleagues exercises. Engaging with others can help. Furthermore, it will encourage each other to get going.

Once you’re active, remember to pay attention to the progress and achievements and reward yourself with you to achieve something you like, like going to the movies or buy some clothing that has caught your attention.

It is also important to avoid comparing yourself with others, progress is individual and you measure them according to your means. You can even injure, to force you to achieve some moves that others do, but I will not leave you.

Similarly, allow yourself to make mistakes and have fun with them, but do not let that inhibit you to continue your exercise routine.

Did you know? Get enough sleep improves athletic performance

sleep improves athleticAlthough seemingly two opposite and contradictory activities, exercise and sleep are two tasks that go hand in hand. Other articles in Life and Health we have analyzed how physical activity can help you rest better. Now, the relationship is reversed: sleep regularly can improve your athletic performance.

Maintain an exercise routine not only helps keep you healthier but also to rest better. Is it the same when the situation is reversed? A recent survey of young players at the college level has demonstrated that the sleep improves physical performance.

To assess this, several specialists of Laboratory Medicine and Sleep Disorders Research at the University of Stanford, USA, analyzed the performance of a group of 111 basketball players. During the first two to four weeks of the study, the number of hours slept they used (6 to 9 hours each night). Then they were asked to sleep 10 hours a night for five to seven weeks.

The experts found that during sleep an hour the players showed better physical performance: running faster on the court, his attempts to dunk the ball during the game increased and the percentage of success in the field goal from the distance of 3 points. It also decreased the level of fatigue of the players who showed a significant improvement in practices and in clashes with other teams.

Consider these results if your children or a family member playing a sport even at amateur level in school, for example, as part of a child or youth league, baseball, karate, gymnastics, swimming or athletics … Before training or matches must eat properly and get enough sleep.

The advantages of a good rest day – we do not tire of repeating are not limited to professional players, but everyone in general, and extend beyond the sports performance. As I have mentioned on other columns on life and health, getting enough sleep also allows you to maintain your weight and prevent diseases such as diabetes, premature aging, some psychological disorders and even depression.

Even if you are a professional athlete or even practice a sport, physical exercise is important, not only sleep better but, above all, to keep your body fit and lead a healthier life.

In this sense, any kind of regular activity to keep it long term may help: yoga, aerobics in the gym, do interval training, taking a walk or jog with your pet, biking around the neighborhood and to dedicate to housework or gardening.

All these tasks keep you moving and the more of them make, the better for your health, provided they do not overdo it or want to do everything at once, of course. Remember that the idea is to incorporate activities as you increase your endurance.

Maintaining a routine physical activities you can, for example, prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol, lose weight and prevent obesity, maintain the strength of your bones and muscles as well, although it seems curious and sleep better.

In this case, exercising during the day condition your body to rest. Avoid perform them at night, near the time that you go to sleep because exercise stimulates and can make your dream delayed. You yourself will have to find what is the best time to practice your routine, according to your preferences and your schedule.

And if you find it difficult to maintain an exercise routine (and sleep every night and sleep well 7 to 9 hours recommended), make sure you read this article for some tips to start an exercise routine and keep long term. If you can not rest well and the gym does not help you sleep better, consult a specialist. We currently have several treatments to resolve sleep problems, provided you seek appropriate help.

Are you overweight? That is not an excuse not to move

exerciseAre you overweight and think you can not exercise? Do you think you have limitations to put your body in motion? Chances are that those are just excuses. Exercise is healthy for all people. Even you, with those extra pounds or kilos more, will help you lose weight, reduce the risk of some diseases, reduce stress and improve your quality of life in general. Find out how in this article.

You must always start doing slow, until the muscles come into heat, and that the idea is to do everything at once, but that exercise must be gradual.

You will gradually feeling the benefits of physical activity, which not only helps you burn calories and lose weight but also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, hypertension (high pressure) and type 2 diabetes. Similarly, physical activity improves your strength, muscles, bones and coordination, and thus increases your quality of life by providing all your daily tasks, such as climbing a flight of stairs, tying your of shoes and even sleep better. And if that still does not convince you, remember that exercise also has psychological benefits, for example, helps to raise self-esteem, improves mood and combats stress.

Now that you are considering exercising, here are 10 tips to not abandon the idea:

– Trust yourself and keep in mind that each small step adds up to big results over time.
Aim to achieve goals that are possible, not ideal. For example, you can start ejercitándote 5 to 10 minutes several times a week and then keep adding as you go activities specifying that purpose.

– You can train at all times, moving your feet while waiting for the microwave heating food finished, replacing the elevator downstairs, during breaks in the office, etc..

– If you can, use a pedometer during the day to confirm the number of steps you take and Aim to increase them a little more each day.

– Short breaks program from 10 to 15 minutes during the day to do some physical activity.

– Do not push yourself too much, exercise should be comfortable. And if you have any health limitations, it is best to consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

– Do not be discouraged if you do not like the activity you chose. Try different ways to workout, until you find the one you have fun.

– If you prefer, listen to music of your liking, can be exhilarating when exercising.

– Try to find someone to share the exercise with you, always more fun when you do it with friends.

– Finally, keep a diary and record your progress. You’ll be amazed when you see the results!

Now, get moving and do not be discouraged if you can not do any particular exercise. Keep trying and be proud of every achievement, however small. Make a commitment to yourself to maintain and possibly increase your activity level, even a few minutes a day. Make the exercise into a daily routine and do not forget to have fun.

Remember! Being overweight is not an excuse not to move.