Clean Your Home, Please!

SpringCleaningAs often happened that when I go somewhere, was this a home, office, workshop, including large spaces such as a company, I had a feeling as say … apathetic, rough … heavy … I guess you you’ve also experienced something similar . Well, this has an explanation, is basically POWER! …. The energy of the … THOUGHT.

Already in a previous article we talked about that thoughts are a form of energy, while being brooded in the brain by the people who frequent the place, “expressed to be” staying stuck … literally attached to the environment, furniture, walls , soil, even in the air we breathe. That’s why we go flying! of that place.

I am also the opposite has happened, I went to an office and felt a pleasant sensation, a good “vibe” I have seen kindness in all its workers, the public and each other-thing-is not common I do like time is going fast, as that would not go. This means that the place runs a good chi or energy.

At the household is just like, two things happen, when negative … may have beautiful furniture, a beautiful light, beautiful paintings but there is a “do not know what” that confuses us, disturbs us and I assure you that the house would most likely is that there is a problem between the couple and / or parents and children. Where do you think that target the voices of the intolerant father who often yells to the family? … By the same logic and following the line “Where do you think that sadness or in some cases the strong depression of the mother and / or children are manifested? Sure! just … all over the planet! Hence known as ENERGY SHOCKS

What should I do to get rid of these energies altered?

First, awareness that the thoughts and emotions are energy and that if we negativity polishing phase them, get a good self-criticism always thinking about the welfare of the family, and go gradually eliminating these “flaws” replacing them with clean thoughts, virtuous, happy. Because if we only do the cleaning and do not change as people, we spun off in a vicious circle, purification served anyway but it would be complete if the person causing the imbalance changes for the better.

For cleaning if you need:

Boil in 4 quarts of water a couple of lemons cut into quarters with skin, an orange juice, just add this rude (stem and leaf) Strain this liquid and add 1 liter of white vinegar.

Pour into a bucket. Now soak a pair of new cloths, and mops rooms squeezed.

Simultaneously opening doors and windows and lights incense (always odd can be 1, 3, or 5 whatever you want … but not even numbers) Finally for the angels are happy prende CANDLES! … White would be perfect !!…. ahh! I forgot to ask it to clean any day, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday … For a Healthy Life