The Best Milk for Babies

Best MilkBreastfeeding is undoubtedly an excellent solution for baby. He brings an emotional relationship and communion with the mother more closely than can make the bottle. Breast milk also provides elements that promote the enzymatic digestibility of milk.

It finally brings the antibodies that will fight against the bacterial or viral attacks that could attack the baby.
Contrary to popular belief, this milk is not perfect.

It is deficient in iron, and after a few months, babies can become sluggish or poorly defend against attacks if their diet does not become more diverse.
Contrary to what has been written, recent studies came from northern Europe have shown that breastfeeding did not reduce the risk of allergy.

And Mom did not always want to breastfeed, and dad who gets up at night to give the bottle, it is also part of married life and it divides fatigue.

Some major dietary concepts in vogue.

In general, for reasons of fashion, baby food is too rich in proteins, unbalanced, often too low in fat. Outside it was demonstrated against all odds that infants who had diets rich in protein too the first 2 years of life, are obese tomorrow!.
That is why baby formula (the term infant is no longer fashionable) are well balanced protein first 4 months (milk for infants), and poorer in proteins than 5 months (2nd milks ages and over). This deficiency can balance the excess protein that will invite young parents.

Other contested notion: the too rapid introduction of a varied diet promotes the emergence of allergies. No study has demonstrated, but this is said and we encourage mothers to feed the children exclusively milk 1st child up to 4 months old.