Tips On pregnancy

After verifypregnancy ing that you are pregnant, across both the various examinations and tests is time to take care a lot and live as healthy as possible as you take care of the little one you carry in your womb.

Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, and definitely not take any drugs other than prescribed by your doctor, you should even be careful about taking vitamins and nutritional supplements. If you are taking medication you should tell your doctor to see if it could cause damage to your pregnancy.

Also avoid taking things cold or at least check with your doctor, this dimension in my pregnancy that prevents any liquid and frozen food for fear that my future baby has breathing problems, but like all human beings are distinct and different as our bodies is best to consult with specialists.

Aca’ll know as your baby develops THROUGH time.

Get ready for snacks and baby shower (the feast of welcome), you will see that everything will be like a dream and it’s so wonderful being a mother.

Follow the step by step development of your baby …


The Best Milk for Babies

Best MilkBreastfeeding is undoubtedly an excellent solution for baby. He brings an emotional relationship and communion with the mother more closely than can make the bottle. Breast milk also provides elements that promote the enzymatic digestibility of milk.

It finally brings the antibodies that will fight against the bacterial or viral attacks that could attack the baby.
Contrary to popular belief, this milk is not perfect.

It is deficient in iron, and after a few months, babies can become sluggish or poorly defend against attacks if their diet does not become more diverse.
Contrary to what has been written, recent studies came from northern Europe have shown that breastfeeding did not reduce the risk of allergy.

And Mom did not always want to breastfeed, and dad who gets up at night to give the bottle, it is also part of married life and it divides fatigue.

Some major dietary concepts in vogue.

In general, for reasons of fashion, baby food is too rich in proteins, unbalanced, often too low in fat. Outside it was demonstrated against all odds that infants who had diets rich in protein too the first 2 years of life, are obese tomorrow!.
That is why baby formula (the term infant is no longer fashionable) are well balanced protein first 4 months (milk for infants), and poorer in proteins than 5 months (2nd milks ages and over). This deficiency can balance the excess protein that will invite young parents.

Other contested notion: the too rapid introduction of a varied diet promotes the emergence of allergies. No study has demonstrated, but this is said and we encourage mothers to feed the children exclusively milk 1st child up to 4 months old.

Practice Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to address this event being aware of his body, his actions and thoughts, to live more harmoniously with the ability to adapt to changes without fear.

Pregnancy is a time of symbiosis, which leads almost naturally to return to himself, listening to the inner phenomena, and will offer the best to build the little life that is taking place …
It is also a process of transformation that tells the letting go and acceptance.
More than just coaching, yoga is a tool to awaken in every woman’s desire to reclaim this unique adventure in joy, strength and confidence.

When the mother responds systematically about how fear, she retreats into a protective instinct that releases adrenaline and inhibits the growth of the baby. Instead, within a climate of love, trust and openness maximizes the child development through production of natural endorphins.

The techniques and their benefits.

The techniques used will aim to relieve and strengthen the physical structures, energy, mental and emotional. They offer practical tools that cover and nourish all aspects of personality.
Breathing techniques balance, harmonize, soothe, and are a tool to manage pain and relax.
The relaxation technique used to install positive and constructive images, which nourish the inner being and mental structures.
The postures adapted to allow the pregnancy to relieve tension, stretch and massage the body, and support the spine, open the chest and pelvis, muscles and relax the pelvic plate.
The goal of yoga for pregnant women is to enable better support of the child, and give women the right experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Metatarsus Varus

Metatarsus VarusCongenital metatarsus varus, a common problem in infants and young children, is also known as metatarsus varus if the forefoot is supinated addition adduct. It affects both boys and girls, and is bilateral in approximately 50% of cases.
There are hereditary tendencies, as it tends to be more frequent in the first-born as a result of excessive molding effect primigravid uterus and abdominal wall.
About 10% of children with metatarsus adductus may have acetabular dysplasia in all children with metatarsus adductus is convenient careful examination of the hips, in suspected cases should be obtained radiographs of the pelvis.
The forefoot is adducted and sometimes supination, mid foot and hind foot are normal. The lateral border of the foot is convex and the base of the fifth metatarsal bone is prominent. The medial border of the foot is concave, there is often increased space between the first and second toe with hallux varus position. The dorsal and plantar flexion of the foot are normal, the mobility of the forefoot can vary from flexible to rigid.
The latter is explored by stabilizing the hind foot and mid foot in a neutral position with one hand and applying pressure on the first metatarsal head with the other. In the child who walks with a deformity of this kind is not corrected, may occur up to the foot inward and abnormal wear shoes.

Jaundice in Newborn Baby

Jaundice in NewbornJaundice is a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by the accumulation of a yellow pigment called bilirubin in the blood. It occurs in approximately 60 percent of newborn babies and makes your skin becomes yellow, usually a few days after birth. In most cases the jaundice disappears without treatment and does not harm the baby or cause any discomfort. However, babies with severe jaundice may have high levels of bilirubin, which can entail a risk of brain damage.

What are the causes of jaundice in newborns?

Jaundice occurs because the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. Every day dies a certain amount of red cells in the body. When they decompose, oxygen-carrying substance called hemoglobin into bilirubin.

If baby’s skin has a yellow or if the baby has certain risk factors that make it more likely to develop jaundice , the practitioner can measure the level of bilirubin by skin test or analysis blood. The blood is the most accurate way to determine the bilirubin level. Doctors also recommend one of these tests make some babies with darker skin because it can be difficult to determine if they have jaundice through an examination of the skin.

Normally, the liver removes bilirubin from the blood and turns it into a form capable of being expelled from the body to defecate. In newborns, it can die a red blood cell count greater than in the other stages, resulting in a greater amount of bilirubin. It is possible that the newborn’s liver is too immature to manage well the elimination of bilirubin, so it accumulates in the blood. This buildup causes the skin and sometimes the whites of the eyes to become yellow. Premature babies are particularly immature livers, which makes them prone to jaundice.

Jaundice caused by a liver that has not finished yet mature is called physiological jaundice. This is the most common type of jaundice in newborns and usually occurs between and among breastfed infants fed formula. In general, physiologic jaundice disappears within two weeks in formula-fed infants, although it can last more than two to three weeks in babies amamantados.

What are the symptoms of jaundice?
Generally, the yellowing first appears on the face and then the whites of the eyes. Parents can determine if your baby has jaundice watching the daylight or in a room with fluorescent lights. If parents believe that baby’s skin has a yellowish color, should contact your pediatrician.

Most babies with jaundice are alert and eating and sleeping normally. However, parents should call the doctor immediately or seek emergency medical attention if your baby with jaundice:

* It looks very yellow
* It is difficult to wake
* Shows a lack of interest in sucking or feeding
* You have signs of weakness or stiffness (or alternating between both)
* Arch your neck or back to back
* Develop a high-pitched crying or fever
* Have unusual eye movements

These may be early warnings that the baby has a dangerously high bilirubin level that requires immediate treatment to prevent a form of brain damage called kernicterus.

What is kernicterus?
Kernicterus is a type of brain damage caused by elevated bilirubin. It can cause cerebral palsy athetoid (characterized by uncontrollable tremors or twitching of the limbs, body and face), hearing loss, eye problems and sometimes mental retardation.

How is jaundice?

Most babies with jaundice requires no treatment. Sometimes, doctors advise parents that some measures can be implemented at home to help eliminate mild to moderate jaundice, for example, feed the baby more often, which will help evacuate more often and and eliminate bilirubin.

If a baby has moderate to severe jaundice that does not disappear by itself, it is advisable to make a treatment:

* Phototherapy. This treatment involves placing the baby in a small diaper under white or blue light special called “bili-lights”. The baby has special glasses to protect eyes. These lights help transform the bilirubin in the blood in a form that can be easily eliminated in urine. Some infants receive phototherapy before being discharged from the newborn nursery or are left for several days in hospital for treatment, while others receive in their homes. The child’s doctor may consider treatment with parents what is best for the baby. Phototherapy is safe. A few babies develop a mild rash that disappears after treatment ends. They can also use special fiber blankets to treat some infants.
* Transfusion alternatives. Babies who do not respond to phototherapy and continue to have dangerously high bilirubin levels or increase may require treatment with a type of special blood transfusion. This procedure involves gradually removing the baby’s blood with high levels of bilirubin, replacing it with donor blood. Replacement transfusion is effective in reducing bilirubin levels. However, it may present a risk of HIV infection and other complications, so it is recommended only when bilirubin levels are very high. Is performed in a neonatal intensive care ward.

Dosing Errors in The Baby

Dosing ErrorsRegurgitation, which sometimes occur even after the baby has made her “Rööö!” Are a normal phenomenon. They are not responsible for the “sudden infant death. We can reduce by giving milk thickened with starch or carob.

These milks are all prepared. You can thicken the craftsmen with the gélopectose. He must scrupulously respect the measures reported by manufacturers of infant milk.

This deviation may cause more pain for baby benefits. Shapes can, ready to use, does not cost more money and avoid dosing errors.

Colitis and bloating.
In 80% cases are related to lactose. To remedy this, there are 2 solutions. The first is to induce the enzymes that digest lactose, this is called the lactase. They are found in yeast type cheese, yoghurt or beer (much less recommended, it is curdled milk). There are infant milk that already contain enzymes.
The second solution is to give a lactose-free milk: soy milk.

A well known method is to give water to hepar. This water is rich in minerals. It can provide stomachaches and diarrhea motor generates, ie too much water remains in the gut and gives diarrhea or constipation releases. This can make it serve but do not abuse it.

The method of thermometer that is to stimulate the anus with a rectal thermometer is probably the worst and most dangerous methods. She is remembered forever. There are glycerin suppositories that can do the same service without risk.
The easiest is to acidify physiological food intake. This acidification will accelerate intestinal transit. Currently there are baby milks acidified who fit the bill perfectly.