Combat Allergies with Home Remedies-1

Combat AllergiesDuring the mornings and evenings the amount of pollen and allergens that are found in the environment increases.Try to keep your home windows closed during those hours, andalso avoids jogging or walking. If you walk in the street during these hours, take a shower as soon as you get home to remove particles and allergens that may have lodged in your clothes, skin or hair. The same with your pets, try to give your dog a bath so they do not bring pollen into your home.

Once you go out and breathe your mucous membranes can accommodate pollen, resulting in a series of unbearable sneezing and congestion. To remove any allergen that has crept into your nose, use a few drops of saline or rinocornio.

This ingredient is found in foods and comes hot chili plant. In addition to relieving pain, can help combat congestion. Sinol nasal solution used capsaicin to reduce irritation in the nasal membranes caused by pollen and allergens.

Omega-3 fatty acids
Fish, green leafy vegetables, flaxseed and hemp seeds are rich in omega 3 and have anti-inflammatory properties. The inflammation worsens allergic reactions and, if not like to eat salmon, tuna, sardines or herring twice a week, eat one to three grams of supplemental omega-3 fatty acids daily.