Zinc for Strengthening Immune System

zincThe immune system is the main barrier which has the body to defend against external infections. However, this complex process of mucosal antibodies and white blood cells can be weakened by the lack of rest, inactivity, stress and poor nutrition.

It is, therefore, essential that the diet includes all the nutrients needed to enjoy a healthy life. These include zinc, something apparently unknown to about a quarter of the world’s population, which is lacking in this mineral.

While zinc is found in a wide variety of foods, according to Dr. Daniel De Girolami, nutritionist and a member of the Nutrition Division of the Hospital de Clinicas Jose de San Martin in Argentina, “their highest concentrations occur in those of animal origin: beef, pork, of birds, fish and shellfish. ”

According to the specialist, zinc is also, though to a lesser extent, in eggs and dairy. “In addition, the zinc content is relatively high in nuts, seeds, legumes and unrefined cereals and low in tubers, refined cereals, fruits and vegetables,” Girolami said.

Effects of zinc deficiency:


Immune deficiencies

Hiposomia and hypogeusia (identifiable mainly by the decrease in the mood)

Tendency to chronic diarrhea

Delayed maturation (growth evident in both physical and intellectual development).

How to consume the zinc necessary?

Includes combinations of these foods in your daily diet.

200 ml milk, 80 g of cheese and 250 g of chicken.

250 g of meat, 100 g of cheese and an egg.

One-half cup toasted wheat germ and 250 g of fish.

A serving of fortified breakfast cereal, 200 ml of milk and 250 g bird.

Yogurt: A Complete Food

yogurtOne of the most delicious and nutritious dessert there is the yogurt. Its unique flavor and beneficial bacteria, great for the immune system, have been essential in human nutrition for centuries. So much so that many experts believe that yogurt was known long before agriculture. Moreover, not only is delicious as a dessert, alone or with sugar, jam, honey or fruit, is also an essential ingredient in many pasta sauces, salads and meats.

The name originates from the yogurt in a Bulgarian word ‘jaurt’. It is precisely from the Balkans and Asia Minor from which this dish dairy. Nomadic tribes soon realized that milk became a semi-solid mass that carried in goatskin bags, because heat and contact with skin milk goat fermentation encouraged by the action of acid bacteria .

The ease of transportation, conservation and nutrition yogurt became a staple food for these people. Some historians believe that Genghis Khan forced his troops to take this product for strength and have an enviable health. Yogurt is known in different parts of the world and soon joined the kitchen of many civilizations. The Greeks used it to cure stomach and intestinal problems. Meanwhile, in India, was known as ‘dahi’, food that was attributed to the gods.

Following the discoveries of Metchnikoff, a Nobel laureate in 1908, the yogurt has become a popular food during the twentieth century. The longevity of the Balkan peoples caught the attention of many researchers, including Metchnikoff, that through his studies showed that the effects of the bacteria in yoghurt on the intestinal flora

Living organisms of this food convert lactose into lactic acid, a compound that prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the gut resulting from the decomposition of food. This researcher also found interesting nutritional properties arising from the large amount of B vitamins

The action on the digestive system becomes a real yogurt natural defense against all types of infections and diseases. It also reduces cholesterol and fats to absorb much more easily, as well as balance the gut, controlling for possible cases of diarrhea and constipation. It also minimizes the negative effects of antibiotics and protects the stomach from erosion produced by certain drugs.

Today there are many varieties of yogurt. Careful preparation by tanks of pasteurized milk, homogenized milk can give the necessary conditions for the bacteria that make this product a single food. The ingredients and method of manufacture determine the types of yogurt: liquid, cream, nonfat, with fruit, and so on.

The benefits of yogurt bacteria, vitamins and minerals
Obviously, one of the greatest qualities of yogurt is its significant amount of calcium. The yogurts are thus becoming an essential partner for strong bones and teeth. Their protein, fat and carbohydrates, with a predominance of lactose-sufficient energy supply to meet the body as the hard working or academic.

The good thing about yogurt is that in addition, non-fattening. Skimmed varieties recommended in all diets, as they supply energy and essential nutrients, but in turn provide very few calories. The vitamins of types A and B, folic acid, and the content of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iodine supplement the nutritional content of the product indispensable in the diet.

Two lactic acid bacteria do the rest: lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which remain alive after fermentation and offer yoghurt its unmistakable aroma and acidity, and by protecting and regulating the intestinal flora. We can only enjoy the beneficial properties of these enzymes if we keep the yogurt at low temperature.

What is yogurt and how it is produced
There is some confusion in the market about the health benefits of lactic acid bacteria contained in the various types of yogurt. In fact, only coagulated milk yogurt that is produced by lactic acid fermentation due to Lactobacillus bulgaricus and thermophilus spreptococcus. The yogurts have a minimum of 100 million live organisms per gram of yogurt. Only these two bacteria are those of plain yogurt. Not considered, therefore, natural bacteria of the bifidus yogurt or assets or the L casei immunitas.

To produce yogurt is used in the fermentation of sour milk. A pasteurized milk are added to previously selected lactobacillus cultures and spreptococcus and allowed to ferment for an extended period, between 6 and 23 hours. Once reaching optimum conditions, the result is allowed to sit in sterile containers.

The active bifidus is a strain of bifidobacteria that joins some dairy products and juices, while the L immunitass a Lactobacillus casei, which is found in the intestinal flora of man. Products with L casei Inmunitas marketed what they do is increase the amount that human beings naturally have already of this type of bacillus.

Regular consumption of dairy products in Spain is relatively low compared with consumer habits in the Nordic countries, for example, that to strictly comply with the recommended medical dose. A daily yogurt is more than sufficient to ensure the benefits this product brings to our organization. The body needs 2 to 4 servings of dairy per day, which will be 125 grams and 60 grams yogurt, cheese.

The yogurt in the kitchen
This product is much more than just a dessert when we speak of its culinary properties. There might be delicious alone or with nuts, honey, sugar, fruit, cereals or jam, but we can also use it as an ingredient in biscuits, cakes, ice creams and desserts of all kinds of milk constituent.

A yogurt is the best option to take after meals, but also a good way to start the day. On the breakfast this dairy product, get prepare the bowel to receive food from the rest of the day. We can also use it as an ingredient in many sauces: avocado, mushrooms, mint, tomato … used to flavor chicken, salads, ham, fish and seafood, eggplant, vegetables, flower .



Without Calcium,Humans Could not Survive

CalciumA large part of the ongoing milk advertisement campaign seeks to persuade people to drink milk for its calcium content. Indeed, calcium comprises a crucial aspect of human health.

Not only is calcium needed for muscle contraction, but calcium Lends to our bone structure, bone recovery (re-calcification), and bone health as well.

Human locomotion is made possible by rigid skeletons formed from calcium salts in the ground substance of bone. Therefore less calcium leads to Weakened bones, Resulting in the serious condition known as osteoporosis. Inappropriate levels of calcium can also lead to kidney stones, seizures, spasms and body. In addition, neurotransmitters specifically Rely on calcium ions to continue to relay chemicals to areas of the body that need them. Lastly, calcium is an important factor in the blood coagulation cascade. In short, without calcium, humans could not survive.

The recommended daily allowance of calcium is approximately 800-1000 mg, 1200 mg Although is ideal, according to the most recent update by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA also notes that the Majority of Americans consumed only 500-700 mg per day, which is not enough. This leads to the debate about milk. Milk contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, protein, fat, sugars, and vitamins A and D, what some call the “perfect package.” However, the FDA reminds consumers not to capitalize on one source of nutrition. It recommends a variety of foods, the best choices being grain and vegetable sources.

According to a list proposed by the “Not Milk” campaign, milk contains less calcium per given amount than other foods. Raw turnip greens or cooked turnips, watercress, and seeds (such as sunflower or sesame) all contain larger amounts of calcium compared to milk. Compare the 234 mg of calcium in a 100-gram serving of almonds to the surprisingly low value of 33-35 g of calcium per 100-gram portion in a typical milk sample (2% milk fat) from the store.

About 35% of one serving of milk (typically 240 mL) is calcium, Which is a significant portion of the serving, but relatively calcium-poor when compared to most other sources of calcium, especially green leafy vegetables and grains. Milk still has more calcium per glass than some calcium-enriched juices, yet the calcium benefit of milk is still debated.


Who Needs To Take Multivitamins?

MultivitaminsThere are a vast number of people who should be taking multivitamins. They are often considered to be only for those with known deficiencies. While they will certainly benefit those individuals, the truth is that the modern diet creates many deficiencies, and the individual is never even aware of it.

In many ways it seems a no win situation due to the fact that it would be a monumental task to track the level of vitamins and minerals you are getting from food each day. One would also need to account for the fact that certain activities can actually rob vitamins from the body. Most people simply do not have the time to track all of this, and choose instead to take a vitamin that provides them with what they may be lacking. Those with known deficiencies may choose to purchase individual vitamins as well.

A health shop will over many types of vitamins and minerals. The cost varies depending on the product and where you shop. However, in nearly all cases, vitamins are highly affordable. Considering the benefits that they provide and the low cost, it is amazing that more people do not take them. There are types that are made for children as well. With children tending to want to eat only limited types of foods, vitamins may be needed for them as well.

Which One Is Better Treat Or Prevent

Treat Or Prevent
“The costs of care for this disease (diabetes), not established timely interventions could bankrupt the health system of the country the next decade.”

financial-crisisSe for Mexico but I think it is a situation that is affecting most countries and cities around the world, specifically the “developed” world. It seems incredible, but the more money government spends on treating a disease, more cases of this disease (like diabetes) appear. According to the news I read, “In the last three years have invested about 17 billion pesos in the construction and equipping of 800 medical units of different sizes.”

The relationship should be reversed, do not you think? The more you spend on treating an illness, fewer cases of the disease. Not so.
In my humble opinion the problem is that they are spending all that money just to “treat” disease, not prevent or cure them. Treating a disease means that you develop a system to keep the disease at the same point, ie neither improve nor worsen. And this is how the pharmaceutical industry earns billions of dollars, euros or the currency that is, keeping the disease.

Another rooster sing if they were the patients themselves, the people who decide where to spend public money (the money we all paying).

But anyway, they say every cloud has a silver lining, so you might “need” to occur to bankrupt the health system there is a change in the way of treating the health of citizens

When to Start Exercise with Weights

Ideally, as in the case of Maritza, would be to take advantage of specialized machines, a gym and the supervision of an expert coach, especially at first. But do not think you have to invest a fortune in membership or team. You can also do these exercises at home, with the help of free weights of different weights (you can substitute vegetable cans, bags of rice or water bottles), and bands or rubber bands that are purchased in stores where they sell the sporting goods. A book or a DVD can enlighten the basic exercises and you can make in the privacy of your own home, in front of your TV. The DVD has the advantage that comes with music and the coach encourages you to continue and not give up easily.

Feel like? Keep in mind the following:

– Before you start, get a physical exam. Ask your doctor what level of exercise is best for you.
Sets goals. If you want to build muscle, use more weight and perform fewer repetitions. If you are interested in increasing your endurance, use lighter weights, but do more repetitions. Try to schedule at least two weight sessions a week. Women should not fear being unfeminine or very muscular, because everything depends on the level of training (the amount of weight and number of repetitions). Also, if you combine this type of aerobic exercise with stretching and the result is a body better defined and better muscle tone, no more bulky.

– Start with a good warm-up session from 5 to 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic exercise (walking on the site, or on the mat, or stationary bike). The muscles are well conditioned and flexible for better weight training.

– Start with little resistance or low weight and gradually auméntalos. The most important thing is to learn the proper technique for each exercise and this is best accomplished with little weight at first. And also prevents unnecessary injuries.

– Once you’ve established a heating system, you know the exercises and proper technique, increases the weight and strength, so that the muscles feel tired (or “burn”) after 8 to 12 repetitions. You should not feel pain, but muscle fatigue. That’s the way to strengthen them: submission to a higher voltage.
It starts working the large muscle groups (legs, chest, or back). This prevents tire the smaller muscles that can help you later with other exercises.

– If you are using machines, learn to use them safely and correctly set the weights to avoid injury.
Keep your knees and elbows slightly bent, even during the extensions.

– Do not hold your breath. The muscles are working hard and need all the oxygen you can provide. Exhale during the period of exertion and inhale when returning to starting position.

– Remember to keep good technique and form for maximum benefit and avoid injury. When you can not keep the way from exhaustion, it’s time to stop the session or try another different exercise.
Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the workout.

– Train your upper body one day (arms, back) and one day he works the thighs and legs. Leave a period of 48 hours between sessions and one for the muscles to recover. After the first session, expect to feel slightly sore muscles. This is normal, but you should not feel a sharp pain.

– If you have a medical problem or a previous injury, you may need to completely avoid some exercise or perform a modified version. In this case, it is essential to work with an instructor.

– Finish each workout with a session of stretching to tone the muscles and make them more flexible.

– Stop exercising immediately if you feel cramps or pain in the joints, feet or legs. Seeking medical attention if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, if you feel dizzy (a), nausea, cold sweat or if you lose consciousness.

Rome was not built in a day, so do not try to do everything at once. Keep in mind that strengthening muscles and increasing your resistance will develop over time. If you are consistent in your workouts and you increase the weight slowly, you will see how to improve your ability to perform your daily tasks, from moving furniture to load up the shopping bags will reduce your muscle aches and fatigue to your end of the day, it is agitated.

Aim to start today and you tell me the result!

What is Coronary Thrombosis?

Coronary Thrombosis

The heart is surrounded by three major coronary arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. If you develop a blood clot in one of these arteries is interrupted blood supply to areas of the heart muscle. This is a coronary thrombosis.

Usually produces an intense pain in the chest behind the sternum (breastbone), which often extends to the left arm. The area of muscle that is not enough supply stops working properly, if not quickly dissolve the blood clot, for example, a drug that dissolves the clot (thrombolysis). Why produce coronary thrombosis?

Coronary thrombosis, which usually occurs in the coronary arteries, develops, often in the place where an atherosclerotic plaque ruptures. Most people in the developed world suffer from atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in some parts of the body without even realizing it. Atherosclerosis can begin about twenty years and develop gradually as they get older.

Some people have symptoms of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries, which are shown as angina pectoris (chest pain). By contrast, the plaque rupture leading to coronary thrombosis often occurs in people without a previous history of angina pectoris.

The lining of the artery that supplies irrigation to the heart muscle is forming the atherosclerotic plaque. If you break the diseased coronary artery may develop a blood clot, which consists of blood-clotting proteins, platelets and red cells. This training can disrupt the blood supply, and is called the blood clot.

credit to: Dra. Sabine Gill, Dr. Steen Dalby Kristensen, Dr. Neal Uren, Dr. Patrick Davey, Dra. Montserrat Vilaseca Corbera

What Do The Top Work Places Have In Common?


What makes a workplace a one of top work places? People all have a different idea of a good employer but good pay, good working conditions and a rewarding job where a person can make a difference as common reasons cited. Everyone likes to be well paid and well respected.

If you look online, you will see many healthcare institutions listed as top work places. Healthcare institutions in Florida are especially well liked by employees, perhaps because the fabulous weather adds to the enjoyment. Anyone working in healthcare, especially in Florida, will be in great demand so salaries are also better than average. Workers in healthcare in Florida are not usually worried about losing their job so this takes away the stress associated with many jobs where workers fear a factory closing or their job being outsourced overseas. In a bad economy or a good economy, healthcare always pays well.

Healthcare facilities are one of the top work places because employees can make a difference in the lives of their patients. Helping others makes people feel better, and being paid to help makes it feel even better. Helping someone to walk again or helping to stop chronic pain that has been plaguing a person is an extremely rewarding feeling. The Laser Spine Institute in Florida is a top place to work, employees like seeing a person who was in pain become pain-free.

People who are serious about having a fulfilling career will research top work places online, looking for a job where they know they will be happy. It’s possible to read comments from current employees to get a feel for a healthcare employer, which makes it easier to decide on an employer. While no employer can satisfy every employee, a pattern of glowing reviews, like those of the Laser Spine Institute, say that a company is a good place to work.


Want to live long? Focus on your fitness

fitnessRather than having an ideal weight or being thin, having a good physical condition seems to be the key to living longer. Many people worry about losing weight and do not a healthy way. But those who focus more on improving your fitness regardless of the numbers on the scale, manage, according to a new study, to avoid dying from conditions such as cardiac complications. Read on to find out and get in shape!

Natalia does not forget the day her trainer told her it did not matter so much to be thin, how to be strong. According to him, many girls are thin and unable to sustain the weight of her body while making a push (push ups), for example. Natalia However, despite battling a bit about losing a few pounds/kilos that she believes that she can spare, has an extraordinary resistance when she need to do a full hour of intense exercise.

According to a recent study, Natalia is more likely to live longer because of their physical fitness, someone who is skinny but not fit. The study, published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, came to this conclusion after analyzing 14,000 men who maintained or improved their fitness and whose chances of dying from any cause, especially heart disease, was much lower. This proved true even when these men did not lose weight or even gained weight compared with men whose physical condition declined over time.

According to the authors of the study, doctors who specialize in exercise of the University of South Carolina, is difficult to lose weight and keep it. However, “this study suggests that increasing physical endurance is somewhat easier to achieve better health dividends.” So instead of worrying all the time by the numbers on the scale, focus your efforts to achieve better fitness.

How can you do? Exercising. But do not be fooled! This is not a walk every day, at the same pace, or ride a bike the same distance forever. While this helps you in shape, you should try to demand more from your body, take it to a higher point of resistance. That is, if you normally run 30 minutes, next time add 10 minutes and, little by little. Apply this principle to any physical activity you perform. That way, your body will go further and your fitness is getting better.

I advise you visit your doctor for an assessment on your fitness. Some coaches also make this event special. With a few simple exercises can measure at what level of resistance is your body. So go ahead to move and so you’ll give your body a few years of life.
And remember, being thin is not synonymous with fitness.

Vitamins for beauty

vitaminsVitamins for beautiful skin and bright

The beauty of the skin depends largely on food, fortunately we are becoming aware of the problems that occur when a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals.

There are no secrets, to have a healthy, youthful skin naturally is that eating foods containing the right vitamins.
Vitamins A, C, E and some B complex are the greatest benefits to beauty.

Food for skin beauty

* Vitamin A and beta carotene – beta carotene are substances that are transformed into vitamin A in the body.
Highest percentages are found in vegetables red, orange or yellow like carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, peaches, cantaloupe, etc.

Also found in green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.

* Vitamin C – Citrus fruits are a known source of vitamin C, lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, also can be found in hot peppers, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries and kiwi.

* Vitamin E known for its antioxidant and anti-aging effects are found especially in wheat germ, seeds, whole grains, nuts and vegetable oils.

* Brewer’s yeast can be a very good supply of B vitamins for those who do not usually include in your diet vegetables, bran or whole grains in sufficient quantities.